Over 50 IT projects in various branches.
Mission control projects: satellite comm, air traffic control (ATC), naval systems, off-shore wind turbines, underground mining, hybrid PV facilities.
Production planning and control for shipyards
3D Simulators, Web portals, and much more...


Days of Experience

Lots of days in the IT business!
Over 20 years of experience in the IT development.
Over 15 year of experience in IT project management.
Over 27 years all together!


Installed systems

There are hundreds of installed systems developed under my control. Over 20 defense systems on naval ships, dozens of ATC systems, hundreds of hybrid-PV installations. Only the value of the hybrid-PV systems is in the range of three-digit millions of Euros.

The Best Way to succeed in projects – satisfy your customer!

Let the work be done by professionals.

Regardless whether your project builds a mission-critical system or not, you need someone who knows how to lead a complex, distributed and – in most cases – international IT project.


I deliver structured performance, apply standards and leverage data


I am flexible to help you in any branch of the entire IT domain: from PLC to APP


I "based" in Germany but have lead projects on five contents.


I have the GPM/IPMA certification. German organization. German perfectionism. I deliver project management Made in Germany!

Who am I?

Professional | Experienced team leader | Experienced software architect and developer | Certified project manager (GPM/IPMA) | Nice guy

Over 20 years of experience in professional software development.

5 years as researcher at the BIBA Institute at the University of Bremen.

    Promotion in 1996. The dissertation describes a distributed coordination system based on CORBA technology which is using elements of the artificial intelligence (AI) as well as 3-D presentation of abstract data for management of production processes in a distributed production of glass and wind screens.


4 years in Air Traffic Control system development area at the Orthogon GmbH:

  1. software development for the airspace control both in civil and military projects
  2. numerous national and international projects (e.g. for DFS, Eurocontrol, Austrocontrol)
  3. since 1997 Orthogon representative at the Object Management Group (OMG *).
    It is a worldwide largest standardization body for the object-oriented Software.
    To the most known OMG Standards belong for example UML, IDL, CORBA, MDA.
  4. Definition of the OMG Standard Display Manager for Air Traffic Control in co-operation with DEC/Compaq

9 years at ATLAS Elektronik GmbH:

  1. BAE Senior Management Development Program absolved.
  2. 8 years Head of Middleware Competence Center.
  3. ATLAS representative at the OMG.
  4. Numerous standardization works for military systems.
  5. Author and Head of Development of the CMiles communication infrastructure.
    It is a software infrastructure for Command and Control Systems.
    This infrastructure is used in various national and international marine projects.
    The book "The Naval Institute Guide to World Naval Weapon Systems" of Norman Friedman describes officially published and unclassified information about the CMiles infrastructure ( Text excerpts can be found on pages 73 and 74).
  6. One part of this infrastructure is the Real Time Fault Tolerance Service.
    This service is used to ensure the highest availability of the missile defense on the navy ships.

11 years CEO of the MARC Systems GmbH.

    The company develops a commercial version of the Fault Tolerance Service (FTS). Applying this product also in civil applications, it is possible to reach such the high availability level which until now was reserved only for the high-tech naval combat systems.

    Since 2011 the company offers also developments in the 3D domain (computer generated 3D visualization and simulation).

    Between 2014 and 2016 I was the project leader of the development of the web portal for gourmets Dinees.

    In 2017 and 2018 I was the project leader of the development of the platform for industrial companies Digital Plant.

MARC Systems

1 year Group leader an project manager at the DSI Datensicherheit GmbH.

    DSI Datensicherheit GmbH (DSI Data Security, DSI-DS) is a SME located in Stuhr, Germany focussing on crypto electronics and TEMPEST certification tests. The fields of activity are dedicated to the engineering and development of solutions for high-end cryptography, information technologies, advanced communication systems and TEMPEST-hardened systems.

DSI Datensicherheit

* Used Trademarks belong to their owners.

What's in my focus?


Project management

Certified project manager with years of experience in the international IT projects.



If you need an experienced consultant who will review your IT projects and organizations – contact me. I will help you!


Product management

Are you looking for an interim product manager? You found him here!
If you need help in the e.g. requirements, configuration or quality management I can provide you an expertise you need.


Product development

I can lead one or more development teams. UML, MDA, IDL, CORBA, SPS-ST, C/C++, Java, SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS and so on – I know this stuff. I have used it as programmer, too.

Selection of some projects

Take a look. Perhaps you can find an area of your business. I can surely help!

pic1 Gallery

Crypto for SATCOMBw

  • Bundeswehr
Fuel Save Controller

Fuel Save Controller
Diesel-PV Hybrid

  • over 200 installations world-wide
Battery Storage Controller

Battery Storage Controller
Battery-PV Hybrid

  • over 50 installations world-wide
Fault Tolerance for Air Defense

Naval Systems
Fault Tolerance for Air Defense

  • 22 installations on naval ships
Combat Management System

Naval Systems
Combat Management System

  • 3 international projects
Digital Plant

Digital Plant
B2B network for metal processing industry

  • For hunderts of factories world-wide

Social network for foodies and gourmets

  • For restaurants, bars, clubs and individuals

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